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Software Development

Software Development

In a dynamic and competitive business environment, rather responsive business applications that simplify business processes and workflows are essential. Often, businesses look for solutions that can resolve their unique business requirements, but exclusive software products are not sufficient to resolve them.
We understand these unique requests and have been specializing in developing independent software solutions as well as customized applications to resolve such specific requests and implement new features for services of our own and to improve productivity.
We create a customized solution that connects colleagues with businesses by establishing a customized software that applies the modern design principles in addition to the latest cloud, mobile and desktop technologies at a low price and distribute optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It simplifies and accelerates the customer, business processes and reduces costs.

Main development software
• GH Structure - 3D Structure Modeling Automation Software
• ArtMIS Management Information System
• ArtFMIS Funeral Hall Management System
• SGSM Screen Golf Management Program
• Aquatic Life Disease Control System
• Delivery Management System
• Automatic Drawing Conversion System

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