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Title Reality Modeling 2018 Q2 Newsletter
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(released 4/23)

Easily handle water surfaces in your 3D model 

With the Surface Constraints feature, you can create high quality 3D reality meshes on water areas and other challenging surfaces. 


Deliver the exact spatial area you need for your projects 

Quickly define your 3D model boundary regions and remove artifacts with the new polygon clipping feature. 


Export and analyze 3D models in the new ContextCapture Web Viewer 2.0 

Share your 3D models with a user-friendly web interface that gives you navigation modes, surface measurement tools, base map capabilities, and more.



Streamline your workflows with these ContextCapture features.


1. Surveys Window

Speed up the import and registration of survey points with the new surveys window feature enabling zoom view, multi-registration, and vertical image sorting to easily identify the most relevant images for ground control points registration.


2. Photo and Point Cloud Registration

Shorten aerotriangulation stage and improve its accuracy with the new photo and point cloud registration feature that automatically aligns both.


3. Accuracy Metrics in Quality Report

Assess quality of this registration with the new accuracy metrics available in the quality report and check the consistency of your acquisition with the new overlap graph.


4. New multiple-constraints

Reach a higher accuracy on non-georeferenced projects thanks to new multiple-constraints features (scale and axis).