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The ‘State of the Art’ in Forging Process Simulation
DEFORM™-3D is a powerful process simulation system designed to analyze the three-dimensional (3D) flow of complex metal forming processes. DEFORM™-3D is a practical and efficient tool to predict the material flow in industrial forming operations without the cost and delay of shop trials.

Typical applications include:
• forging        • machining       • rolling
• extrusion     • heading          • drawing
• cogging       • compaction     • upsetting

Based on the finite element method, DEFORM™ has proven to be accurate and robust in industrial application for more than two decades. The simulation engine is capable of predicting large deformation material flow and thermal behavior with astonishing precision.

The automatic mesh generator (AMG) produces an optimized mesh system with local element size control based on the specific process being analyzed. This facilitates the enhanced resolution of part features while maintaining good control of the overall problem size and computing requirements. A user-defined local mesh density provides advanced users a flexible control to meet their requirements.
While DEFORM™-3D provides sophisticated analysis capabilities, the graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Moreover, it provides utilities to manipulate 3D geometry, including boolean capabilities to trim flash. Shearing and trimming operations can also be analyzed using the FEM engine. Even complex machining operations can be modeled. DEFORM™-3D is the foundation for a comprehensive modeling system that integrates raw material production, forming, heat treatment and machining.
DEFORM™-3D continues the tradition of accuracy and state-of-the-art capabilities established in the early 1980’s. Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation has the experience and background to provide unparalleled training and technical support.

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