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Although the assault technologies of hackers are becoming increasing more intelligent and advanced, and purposes of data leakage or DDoS assault are are becoming more malicious including threat to national security or financial gain, etc., the defense system continues to be inclined towards traditional security focused on server or network. Accordingly, security for the work PC, which is the principal of DDoS assault and the actual source of data leakage, is highly vulnerable, thereby requiring relevant preparations urgently.

Data encryption solution
• Encryption of key data including customer data (personal information)
• Control authorities for and accessing OS user and process unit
• Creation of detailed audit log at the time of accessing key data and file
• Guarantee for integrity of environment setting file and control file
• Safe creation and management of encryption key (safe Master Key management)

Block data leakage and solution to incapacitate zombie PC
Integrated control
• Integrated control of the current status of data leakage from entire work PC’s
• Integrated control of current status of DDoS assault on the entire work PC’s
• Real-time monitoring of the current status of blocking of data leakage and DDoS assaut for each user, attacker, time perio, processor and document

Prevent data leakage
• Audit or block data leakage by insiders
• Block data leakgae by external hacking
• Block abuse of interim routes of hacking
• Detection format by means of pure action-based algorithm

Block DDoS assault
• Block DDoS assault of work PC that has turned into zombie in real time
• At the time of blocking, freeze only the processor rather than quarantine the entire PC
- PC can be used normally
• Block malignant traffic with unknown cause
• Real-time identification of assault target site
• Real-time identification of assault program

• There is no need for pattern updating and policy setting whatsoever
• Real-time monitoring of the status of action on all users
• Ease of installation – Automatic distribution, installation and execution
• User stealth function

Drawing and document encryption solution for PROJECTWISE
Safety and expandability of data
• It is in the format of controlling authority for use in application program unit without affecting the use of other programs
• Ease of the expansion of the program to be subjected to
• Existing files that individuals use can be used freely while providing perfect control and allocation of authority for use of the files for which security policy has been set through linkage with ProjectWise

Outstanding portability and flexibility
• Can be easily installed by non-experts since it is a Client that can be installed automatically (ProjectWise Passport)
• User uses the existing S/W as is in relation to design works and documentation works
• Since it is possible to use the file management solution and internal ERP solution that manages the files as is, there is no need to employ security administrator with preliminary knowledge of the internal file security separately.

Provide powerful security technology
• Can provide safe and accurate authority control by utilizing DRM technology
• Controls a diverse range of user actions (open, save, copy/paste, print-screen, etc.)

Outstanding portability and flexibility
• Can use drawing design S/W such as MicroStation and AutoCAD, etc. as well as various document editing S/W such as MS Office as they are
• Can set authority for use for each individual/ group/project, and ease of individual management although it is centally controlled.
• Need no preliminary knowledge of internal file security