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Design and Analysis Software for Offshore Structures
SACS is an integrated finite element structural analysis suite of applications that uniquely provides for the structural analysis and design of offshore structures, including oil and gas platforms, wind farms, and topsides of FPSOs and floating platforms. Nearly 40 years of focus on these specialized requirements have made SACS the analysis mainstay for most of the world’s offshore engineers. Virtually all of the world’s energy companies specify SACS software for use by their engineering firms across the lifecycle of offshore platforms.
Three options of the SACS software suites are available: Offshore Structure Enterprise for comprehensive capabilities required for typical offshore jackets, wharfs, and dolphin structures; Offshore Structure Advanced for static topside and deck analysis; and Offshore Structure for static structural analysis.

Offshore Structure Enterprise:
The Offshore Structure Enteprise suite contains capabilities required for typical offshore jackets, wharfs, and dolphin structures. It includes the interactive graphics modeler with advanced 3D capabilities, SACS IV solver and interactive graphics 3D post processor, Seastate, Joint Can, Pile, Combine, Gap, Tow, and LDF large deflection. The suite also includes automatic model generation, beam and finite element capability, steel code check and redesign, environmental load generation, tubular connection check, single pile/soil interaction, inertia and moving load generation, tension/ compression nonlinear elements with initial gap, load case combination, linear large deflection analysis, and full output report and plotting capabilities.
The package also contains the multi-core analysis capability, allowing the user to conduct multiple analysis of the same type in parallel, saving hours of runtime.

Wind Turbine Package
The Wind Turbine package is comprised of the following packages necessary for wind turbine platform design: Offshore Structure Enterprise, Pile Structure Design, Collapse, and Fatigue Enterprise.
The package also contains the SACS interfaces to the GH Bladed and FAST wind turbine aero-elastic modules. Full automation including multi-core analysis capability is included for efficient analysis of a large number of time history simulations.