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A Software Foundation for Infrastructure Design
MicroStation is used by engineers, architects, GIS professionals, constructors, and owner operators to design, model, visualize, document, map, and sustain infrastructure projects.
MicroStation is their preferred software foundation, because it delivers an integrated and proven suite of intuitive, interactive, and highly interoperable capabilities to the desktop.

Interoperability Support
MicroStation provides project teams with a significant interoperability advantage from a single software product.
With MicroStation users can overcome many DWG reuse challenges and extend the value of DWG data, by integrating all DWG and DGN content in one place. Users can aggregate and reuse 3d models from multiple software products, and work much faster with large raster files to speed the time to project completion.

Intrinsic Geo-Coordination
MicroStation and its new Geo-Coordination capabilities
enable project teams to accurately and quickly coordinate project information from multiple sources, stored in multiple file formats, using multiple coordinate and grid systems. Using MicroStation Geo-Coordination tools, project teams can easily and accurately attach vector and raster reference data inside the same file. MicroStation includes OGC Web Map Server underlay’s and concurrently integrates real-time GPS location information inside the same MicroStation design environment.

Interactive Dynamic Views
MicroStation and dynamic views help project teams simplify 2d drawing composition and 3d modeling and visualization experiences. With dynamic views users can slice and filter models to see only what’s needed in view and maintain a fully coordinated set of 3d models and 2d deliverables across projects. Because the views in MicroStation are “dynamic” they are all updated immediately when the model is changed. Dynamic views also help teams interactively compose 2d drawing sheets from plans, sections, and elevations that are optimized to scale well across distributed teams.